When Flat Art won't Suit your Walls....  Take a 3-Dimensional Approach!

"Now then, please take your gear, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me;"

Genesis 27:3 New American Standard Bible (c1995)

Welcome to Rustic Reminders Taxidermy!  If you are already a client of ours then you know of our commitment to ensuring the highest quality of work at reasonable prices!  Our taxidermists always strive to better themselves and push themselves to be at the top of the industry.  Rustic Reminders has become a household name in art for so many clients throughout the United States, and even outside of the nation.

Any taxidermy shop can use the highest value of taxidermy materials to produce your show piece; but without the knowledge, expertise, and experience - your mount will not be of the "quality and value" that you demand!  So trust a taxidermist and shop that has put in more hours of studying, learning, and mounting the art and has the ability of applying correct anatomy and aesthetics in each piece of their art!

After all - whether it's a Bobcat or African Lion - a Whitetail or an Elephant - go with someone who has the experience and capability to provide you with the best art to fulfill your high desires.